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Soon: Cirquinho Collection



      Everybory is eagerly waiting, eheheh...


Dell Ultrasharp 2407WFP-HC


      One month has passed since I bought this monitor, and there's no better description for this device than: Badass MOFO!!. In other words, it's an excellent monitor; 24 inches, 16:10 aspect ratio, 1920x1200 native resolution and vibrant colors. Sadly it's not available in Brazil's market. I had to rely on mercadolivre (Brazil's version of eBay) to purchase that.

      Before buying the Dell, I was using a 19" Samsung 997 MB and was pretty satisfied until I first plugged in the Ultrasharp. It was like: Wow!


Covers for Coleção Cambalhota

      Series of 10 covers for Coleção Cambalhota. Check the Color illustrations section of the portfolio.

capas colecao cambalhota


Guia do ilustrador

      Guia do Ilustrador: It's a great reference guide for all of us who work as illustrators. Many useful information for those who want to be recognized as real professionals by the market.

guia do ilustrador



      Links update: new links to websites of great artists.


Circo Alegria

      Portfolio update: +10 images, 2 for Coleção Cambalhota and 8 for Ática and SESI.

Circo Alegria

Site Launch!

     The website has been redesigned in a very big way! Now it's easier to navigate through the portfolio! The subsections are distributed in tabs that show thumbnails when clicked. Click again to hide the content, or leave it open and choose another tab, it's your call!

      Furthermore, an about me section was added, along with a little summary of what I do and how I work.

      Continuing the changes, the contact section has been updated, and now you can find a residential phone number and a cel number as well.

      And last, the links section; there you will be presented to the selection of artists I admire the most. This ever-growing list is continually evolving, since great new artists pop-up from all over the world quite often.